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Marty F. Nemec is a public relations practitioner, social media marketer and blogger located in Jacksonville, Fla. and is a graduate of the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism. Marty loves communicating with people and making real connections and relationships. He also is a hard worker and will do anything to get the task done. He is confident in his writing and believes his background in journalism and his knowledge in public relations will be an asset to any company needing a PR practitioner.

Marty BlackieMarty is deeply invested in social media and considers himself very knowledgeable on the subject. He spends a majority of his time gaining a better understanding and building relationships on social media as well as reading books on the different platforms. The instantaneous two-way communication fascinates him, as well as the business possibilities that come with it.

Marty is a funny guy and allows some of that to come through in his writing, but he still maintains the professionalism he expects from other professional communicators. His goal with this blog is to teach his readers new things about social media, blogging, public relations and marketing while keeping it professional, yet enjoyable.

More than anything, Marty loves sports. Football and basketball season (both college and pro) are his favorite time of the year and he is also an avid tennis and MMA fan. Marty also runs a sports blog, Your Sports Connection, which can be found here, but most of his sports work can be found in the archives on this blog.

Marty also loves reading, writing, gaming (PS4 and Vita), cooking, and gardening.

HootSuite Certified Professional

Marty F. Nemec Google Analytics Platform Principles Certificate

98 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Hi Marty,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and liking my post on “Social media rant.” It has led me to your interesting blog, which I am now following. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    I see you are also Inbound Marketing Certified by Hubspot. I am forutunate to live in the Boston area, where Hubspot is located so I get to attend many local events sponsored by them.

    Happy blogging!


    • Hey! Mine doubles as my business bio/resume. It’s cheesy, but that’s what I had to do because this is also my portfolio. Don’t think I walk around speaking in third person… Although, Marty IS awesome. Just so you know…

      • Lol that’s cool! 🙂 well I’m trying to turn my blog into a mirror image of the things God reveals to me in my heart. (Cheese) lol

      • Super cheesy, lol. I went to Catholic school for nine years, so I can respect this. I try to live in a way God would approve of, but I don’t talk and write about it constantly. That just isn’t… me. How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking? God seems to be becoming a smaller and smaller part of everything as time goes on. It’s sad. I’m not sure when it became cool to be skeptical of everything for no reason.

      • I’m 24 but I am Spanish we don’t grow up like white people lol. By that I mean most, some, white seniors in hs can pass for college students, there’s a visual distinction. With Spanish people there isn’t, most of us look young throughout our 20s. At least that’s what I’ve seen where I’m from in myself and others. I look 19.

        I’ve recently gotten closer to God, it’s hard to explain but one day I woke up thirsty. Really, like desperate lol that’s how many kids use the word “thirst” nowadays right? Lol

        And I could have chosen to ignore it and go back to bed but I took a chance, that’s what it felt like, a risk. I started reading the bible more, and more, and more and I felt so filled up with God’s presence that I fell in love with it and God. I have the choice to go back and just go about my business, to live like everyone else and worry about due dates, stress about life and everything in it, but I honestly don’t want to go back to that. I just don’t let God became a small part of my life. Being skeptic of everything though I think it’s normal, I don’t like to bash on people for not believing because being skeptic serves a purpose. It’s proof that we guard our hearts and that is healthy. So that’s why I say I took a risk and I don’t live with a heart guarded towards God anymore. It is crazy though.

      • I found your talk button!

        That’s understandable and I can’t relate a whole lot. I was born and raised with the mindset that God made everything possible. My family is very religious (hench how I ended up in Catholic school). I couldn’t imagine being in an environment of skepticism. I look at the world and just simply can’t believe that there isn’t a higher power that created this. The way we keep breathing when we go to sleep. The way sex feels great and food tastes good. The way our bodies fight illness and our livers filter toxins. These are all complex systems that keep us and the human race going. This all stemmed from an explosion of gas? I just… can’t believe that and I’m not sure how people do.

        Of course skepticism is natural. We are built to learn and par tof learning is challenging the things we believe to be true. Over the course of our history, we have proven things wrong time and time again (the world being flat, anyone?) However, that search for truth has turned people from God and that’s a really bad thing. Stores are saying “Happy Holidays” now instead of “Merry Christmas” to not offend people. We’re going down a rocky road here!

        I am 26, so don’t feel old. I have already graduated college. You are right, though. I couldn’t tell how old you are, but I was guessing closer to high school. Of course, I only have a tiny picture of your face to go on. I would never make an in-depth judgement about you from a thumbnail image. Lol.

        Everyone I know already has kids or are pregnant (not married) and going nowhere in life. I can’t speak for the whole state/country/world, but the town I grew up in could have used more morals and more God in general.

      • Yeah, I know people who are married and pregnant. I wish they both came in respectively in order but to each its own. I don’t know how people feel, maybe they are genuinely happy. I can’t say there is an age when one should get married or one should start having kids. But I can say every girl deserves a ring and a wedding dress. I am in awe of people who get married in jeans, lol. Most of these people are the ones who simply can’t wait, and it’s funny, cause after their Las Vegas style wedding they feel that can’t be judge those who aren’t married yet and live together. Yeah, I do believe it’s wrong to not be married and live together but most being who get married by the court did it before they were married, or get married this way because they are expecting. People are so self righteous sometimes, but we all do it.

        It’s true though, there has to be a God. For me it’s just the fact that I’m able to feel so many beautiful things. Please do not compare me to a monkey lol they can’t feel what I feel. Right, they can feel pain and sadness, but can animals talk to God?

      • My email address is martyfnemec@gmail.com

        I don’t speak too much about my personal life in public forums like this, so if you’d like to, you can email me and we can continue this. If not, I’ll still respond but just won’t speak of personal things. I don’t want to be judged for something I say or offend someone as religion is one of those topics (and this is my website I send business contacts and potential employers, lol).

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